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“The Science of Heat” For Skin Tightening and Fat-Reduction Thermi RF

Thermi RF is a solution sold worldwide by Amiral.  E. Ronald Finger MD, believes in the “Science of Heat Technology”, and has personally utilized Thermi RF on hundreds of patients to lift and tighten the skin. Areas that are easily and effectively treated are the lower face, neck, arms, and abdomen. The treatments are ideal for young female patients after having babies, or males and females after weight loss, as well as the middle-aged and older patients dealing with loose skin that comes with the natural aging process.

It made complete sense that this technology would lead the way for skin tightening treatments globally. Unlike freezing the area of complaint, which is painful and leaves unwanted loose skin in older patients, Thermi RF treatments utilize radiofrequency to tighten the skin in various areas of the body and face. Dr. Finger and Team offer Thermi RF in Savannah. Thermi RF is a minimally invasive procedure that requires either no downtime or minimal downtime. Feel free to explore ThermiVa, ThermiTight,Thermi Face for skin tightening

The reason we chose to work with Thermi RF

Thermi is a leading developer of thermistor-regulated energy systems for Cosmetic Procedure applications. The company is focused on Global distribution of its products. Their instruments are based on the SmartTip technology to enable Cosmetic Physicians to use temperature as an endpoint. What does that mean to the patient? Patients seeking non-surgical or minimally invasive procedures to tighten skin and reduce SOME fat are now given the option without painful recovery.Thermi RF procedures are ideal for older folks, as it tightens the skin, which is one of the main concerns with women and men over 40.

ThermiVa for intimate rejuvenation in females has been on the forefront and featured on “The Doctors” as the only pain-free option for women looking for intimate aesthetic rejuvenation and tightening inside and out. ThermiVa’s pleasant side effect that is frequently reported by female patients and now confirmed by doctors in the US, UK, and Canada is that stress urinary incontinence seems to be greatly reduced or completely gone.