What is BB-Glow Treatment, and what does it do?

The process is quite simple. It involves micro-needling a pigmented vitamin serum into the skin. The pigment results in a Beautiful Glow that comes through the top layers of the skin, similar to what BB cream does when applied topically to the skin.

The results are natural and subtle. Most clients who receive this treatment by Tiffany Smith (our licensed esthetician) report that they get compliments about their skin but nobody can really tell what has been done. The comments they receive from others are more like, “Your skin is glowing!” or “Your makeup is gorgeous.” The results can last a few months or longer and the treatment consists of two-three sessions for optimal long-lasting results.

Before and After one BB-Glow Facial by Tiffany Smith. 3 Treatments for Best Results and Flawless Coverage are recommended.
Before and After one BB-Glow Facial by Tiffany Smith. 3 Treatments for Best Results and Flawless Coverage are recommended.

What is important to know about the BB Glow Facial is that it does not change the color of your skin. It simply places small pigments of color into the skin to change the color and tone that is shown on the face and your actual skin tone remains the same color. Kind of like a self-tanner but better. The skin benefits from the nutrients infused during the process. The result is healthier and gorgeous skin.

How Do BB-Glow Treatments work?

BB-Glow Treatments are basically Micro-needling facials that allow our licensed esthetician to infuse vitamins with pigment into the skin to give the skin a natural Glow and flawless coverage. The BB-Glow Treatment is perfect year-round and is pain-free because numbing cream is applied prior to the BB-Glow Treatment.   It’s important to only use an experienced esthetician because the micro-needling must be performed evenly across the skin. If not, the color will not be even or worse, it could appear blotchy.

Tiffany has the experience and know-how to perform the BB-Glow Treatment and pick the perfect shade for your skin. 

In addition to the micro-needling, a hyaluronic acid mask is placed on the face for 15-20 minutes. This ensures the serum seals into the skin. After the mask, the process is done. Most clients are a bit surprised by the initial look because it seems as though they have a lot of foundation on their face. However, within a few hours, the serum absorbs into the skin and the true results shine through. After that, you will experience nothing but a glowing, beautiful face that looks natural and radiant.


Featured below are the 3 most popular BB-Glow Shades 

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