Ear lobe repair and wrinkles

Doctor what can be done about torn ear lobes?

Tears in the ear lobe occur from using very heavy earrings. Also those shaped like rings lend themselves to be caught in something, tearing the lobe.  Sometimes the ear piecing hole is so large that it must be repaired, although there has not been an actual tear.

The ear lobe repair requires a minor surgery procedure, which is performed under local anesthesia.  Basically, the scarred in tear must be trimmed to remove all of the scar tissue.  This leaves the edges of the tear raw, and only then can it be re-sutured, sewing together the two edges. The sutures are removed in about five days.  Re-piercing can be done in a month. The scar is almost imperceptible and there is virtually no recovery needed from the procedure.

How do you reduce ear lobe wrinkles? 

Wrinkles are a different problem. Unfortunately, ears continue to grow throughout our lives, and the ear lobes thin and becomes larger.  If the lobe is not too large and wrinkly, it can be inflated appropriately with one of the fillers, such as Restylane, Juvederm or Sculptra. These are temporary fixes, but correction can last for years.  And it only takes a few minutes for correction. This fills out the ear lobe thereby reducing the wrinkles. The last effort, if the former solution does not work, is a surgery procedure in which a part of the lobe is excised or trimmed, a minor surgery procedure. This procedure is done under local anesthesia, requiring minimal recovery.  Sutures are usually removed in 5 days.

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