Perfect Eye by New Youth Skin Care

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New Youth Skin Care offers many awesome products for Anti-Aging, and “Perfect Eyes is especially effective!

Perfect Eyes

Listed are some of the unique Perfect Eyes ingredients for anti-aging and more youthful, tighter, brighter, healthier skin:

Carnosine – important anti-glycation ingredient. Reduces the metabolic “glue” that attaches to elastic and collagen fibers allowing them to tighten again. The result is tighter skin with less wrinkles.

DMAE – a powerful antioxidant and protects the cell membranes. Smoother, brighter skin with less fine wrinkles and lines. Allowing the cells to produce better, more youthful skin.

Squalane – olive oil extract. Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, excellent moisturizer., reducing winkles by hydrating skin. Protects against sun damage. An anti-aging natural ingredient that penetrates deeply into the skin.

Lipoic acid – very powerful, natural anti-oxidant, both fat and water soluble. Anti-oxidant both inside and outside of the cells and mitochondria. Neutralizes harmful free radicals many times more than Vitamin C.

Algae Extract – abundant in natural vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids.

Beneficial sun protection. Increases cell regeneration, and reduces the destruction of elastin, the proteins that help give our skin elasticity. Reduces fine wrinkles and sagging.

Green Tea extract – anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory. The nutrients polyphenols slow signs of aging. Reduces sun damage. Known as the Geisha girl’s secret.

Cat’s claw – increases local immunity and repairs DNA damage in independent studies. DNA-our body’s blue print.

CoQ 10 – stimulates collagen production. Reduces effects of aging. Energizes cells and rejuvenates skin by stimulating cell activity. Result: more youthful appearing skin.

When the ingredients were chosen for the New Youth Perfect Eyes, the cosmetic chemists said that it wouldn’t be effective because they were unfamiliar with ingredients to reverse Glycation, repair DNA, stimulate mitochondria and regenerate cells that produce your skin. We have proven them wrong.

This is all history now because we now know that the Perfect Eyes Serum works for wrinkles around the eyes as well as around the mouth and even on scars.

What is Glycation? It’s important, so I want my readers to understand it. As we age, we accumulate a protein-sugar molecule around our elastin and collagen fibers, reducing the elasticity in our skin, arteries, etc. This causes skin wrinkling, and the process is called Glycation.

Glycation is bad, very bad! It also causes hardening of the arteries, which causes strokes, heart attacks, cataracts, and it causes skin sagging, and much more. Most people will ultimately die from some result of Glycation.

Glycation can be reduced in the skin with ingredients called bond-breakers found in Perfect Eyes. These same ingredients can be found in other New Youth Products as well.

In conclusion, because of the various ingredients described, New Youth Cosmeceutical products  are effective for reducing and reversing wrinkles, age spots, large pores, sagging, and more by preventing formation of the debris from Glycation.  Skin thickness is increased as well as blood supply, and the skin producing cells are rejuvenated.

New Youth Perfect Eyes is a true anti-aging product. Healthy cells produce healthy and beautiful skin.

As a matter of interest, Glycation can be reduced throughout your body by taking Carnosine 500 mg twice a day by mouth, reducing your intake of simple carbohydrates, and reducing rapidly cooked foods, such as fried foods.