Q&A: How can you tell if your skin regimen is really working?

How can you tell if your skin regimen is really working?

Let New Youth Medical Spa show you!

Our spa offers a complexion analysis that will provide you an easy to understand printed report.. Our computer controlled analysis ensures our ability to reproduce your facial photography between time pints. This allows us to record both standard and UV photography and measure surface and subsurface skin conditions.

The report printed will let you know how you rate in comparison to others in your specific age group for pore size, spots, wrinkles, texture and UV spots (sun damage).

The New Youth Medical Spa, we use this report as a baseline from which we can measure future progress. With our anti-aging skin treatment system (New Youth Skin Treatment System creams and serums) we can actually guarantee that your scores will continue to improve. The longer you use these New Youth products, the better your scores will improve. We have many clients who have used the products for 10 years or longer and their scores are at 100% — the best you can get.

Call today for this complimentary report and free skin consultation and analysis. It’s never too early or too late to start taking care of our skin!