Stretch Marks After Child Birth

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Stretch Marks Treated with the Laser Genesis.

What is the Laser Genesis?

Stretch marks can be diminished with Laser Genesis. This is a non-ablative laser made by Cutera that is generally used on the face to reduce pigmentation marks, enlarged pores, and gently tightens the skin. This is done with a special wave length of laser that affects the superficial dermis. It is safe, painless, and there is no recover time needed. Patients claim that it is actually a relaxing sensation. It is also effective for dilated capillaries in the face, so it reduces redness characteristic in some people with pale complexions and sun damage. The Laser Genesis is also most commonly beneficial for treatment of scars on any area of the body, particularly those that are only several months old.

stretch marks after pregnancy

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What are stretch marks?

We have all seen stretch marks in some people following pregnancies, with rapid weight gain, and even in men who have gained muscle size rapidly weight lifting, particularly in the shoulder area. Stretch marks are actually dermal scars which go entirely through the dermis and often into the underlying fat. They are from over-stretched elastin and collagen fibers of the skin. They are usually first pink, and when they mature, their color usually become lighter than the surrounding skin.

What can you do about stretch marks?

The heat created from the laser emitted from the Laser Genesis to the dermis remodels the collagen, and this reduces the appearance of the stretch marks. There is no way to eliminate them entirely. but to tighten them and diminish the visibility of them is a giant step in the right direction.

Laser Genesis for Stretch Marks can help! 

For the most effect, the Laser Genesis takes from 3 to 6 treatments. We have had very positive results on people under thirty years old because of their very active collagen production.

Can Anna Van Winkle help with your Stretch Marks 

Typically a patient will feel a warmth to the skin during treatment when the hand-piece is passed back and forth about 1/2 inch above your skin. Following treatment, your skin may be pink for a few hours. You may return to your normal activities immediately using a sun screen when necessary if plans are to be exposed to the sun excessively.

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