How to Look Youthful Forever

Look youthfulLook youthful through a healthy lifestyle and Aesthetics

1. First, carefully choose your ancestors!! Those with thicker skin and more melanin age slower and have less skin cancers. Scandinavian families have thinner, less pigmented skin (from the pigment melanin) so less protection from the sun and less elasticity, thus experience more sagging and sun damage issues.

2. Avoid sunshine! ...

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Rejuvenating the Face Without Surgery


Does it work?

UntitledAs more people are choosing the needle over the scalpel for facial rejuvenation, “Fillers” are reshaping faces as well as ideas about beauty at every age.

Over the past several years, much has happened in the field of “injectables.” Various materials are now being injected into the face by doctors to produce a ...

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The Natural Face Lift for Women in their 40’s



The “Natural” Facelift

A “Natural” facelift is what it implies–there are none of the unwanted tell-tale signs of a facelift. What are the signs:

  • Draping of the lower face–this is sweeping of the skin from the mouth to the ear, like drapes pulled to one side.
  • Wind-tunnel look
  • The cheek area and hollow under the cheek (tear trough) left uncorrected
  • Earlobes pulled down
  • Scars in ...
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