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Dr. E. Ronald Finger has been in practice for over 40 years and was one of the first board-certified Plastic Surgeons in Savannah Georgia. Besides being one of the Top Plastic Surgeons in the country Dr. Finger also developed New Youth Skin Care (one of the first physicians developed skin care systems in the US). He has written thousands of articles and blogs about Plastic Surgery and Anti-Aging and is the author of the book “Why Grow Old.”


 Rate MD’s Voted Dr. E. Ronald Finger MD, FACS #1 in Georgia, and #10 in the U.S.A. for 5-Star Ratings.


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New Youth Medical Spa Reviews

  • I recently had a micro pen with New Youth Products and was VERY pleased with the results. Anna has always been a pleasure to work withMH

  • I am writing this letter because of the wonderful experience that I had while having the NeoGraft procedure done at the Fingers and Associates office.
    When you notice your hair thinning its one of the most traumatic things that you can experience. At first, you're in denial and you try to justify it by letting your hair grow longer. Then it becomes obvious that your hair lost is getting worse and you have to do something soon. So I searched the internet and came across the procedure called FUE or NeoGraft which produces great results that's non-evasive, with no scars, and a short recovery time. After the free consultation, on October 9,2014, I had the procedure done. I can truly say that the experience was great. Not only were all my questions and concerns answered, but his staff was also very friendly and professional. I was so pleased that I started a campaign of my own telling friends, relatives, and co-workers about Dr. Finger and his staff. So in conclusion I like to say thanks again and if anyone wants a chance to have their hair lost issues addressed, give Doctor Finger and his associates a call. You'll be glad you did.Horace K.

  • I had your treatment with the new Fraxel Dual Wave Laser. This is truly a miracle laser. It was not a painful procedure at all, and I had almost no downtime. I had a sunburned look, but it did not prevent me from going out or doing business as a realtor. As promised, the flaking ended about a week later, but I was able to cover it with regular make-up during that week. Two weeks later I find that my face is now virtually without brown spots for the first time in years, and my skin is much firmer and tighter. I equate the results to having had a mini-facelift along with a very strong peel. People I haven’t seen in awhile all say “Wow….you look great!!! I want to do that”.
    The success this procedure provided by removal of the brown spots and firming are so dramatic, I would like to have the treatment done on my chest, hands and arms as soon as possible. I am ecstatic about the quick results with minimal pain and downtime, and appreciate your staying on top of innovative solutions to the aging process. Thanks to you, I don’t look my age (65 and getting younger all the time).
    Ruth P.

  • I have always had horrible, oily skin. I had tried Accutane, spent thousands of dollars on skin care and at the age of 59 had just resigned myself to be this way forever. A friend of mine had just visited the New Youth Medical Spa and suggested that I give them a try.
    After about two months, the oily skin and adult acne started disappearing. Then, in May 2011, I took the plunge and had the Fraxel Co2. It was not painful for me and Anna kept talking to me the entire time explaining each step of the procedure. Yes there is redness, swelling and oozing. At two weeks after the procedure, I had a little swelling and still had redness.
    Now at two months after the procedure, redness has almost completely disappeared, pores are smaller, skin feels tighter, and a lot of wrinkles are gone. One just has to be patient with skin care products and procedures. Things usually don’t happen overnight.
    I am very happy with the New Youth Medical Spa in Savannah. They are courteous, professional, and they are very patient about answering questions. They have made such a difference in my life.Lala Odum

  • I was searching for a spa that focused on serious skin care. I located one through the internet that "claimed" to be a medical spa.

    After purchasing expensive skin care products and having several procedures done I found that my skin didn't look any different. I asked around and was recommended to New Youth Medical Spa. The aesthetician there assured me that New Youth Spa truly was a medical spa and that they were totally result oriented. They did not want to waste my time or money with products and treatments that "felt good" but didn't show results. After one consultation I knew I had found the right place. I had the Visia photo facial analysis, bought New Youth Skin Treatment System, and am starting a series of deep pore cleansing. After only two weeks, I am starting to see results! I have learned from this that not all spas that say they are "medical" really are!!Denise M.



New Youth Skin Care System

Dr. Finger developed the New Youth Skin Care System to achieve healthier, tighter, and more youthful-looking skin. 

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Visia Complexion Analysis

Find out more about this unique system to analyze skin quality and skin health. Our qualified Esthetician will analyze your skin and suggest treatment options that are effective and affordable.

New Youth Medical Spa VISIA Complexion Analysis in Savannah, GA and Hilton Head, SC


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Hair Restoration Savannah offers nonsurgical hair restoration with PRP and Dr. Finger and his team offer 2  surgical advanced techniques for hair transplantation to ensure natural-looking results without scarring. Our cutting edge technique for hair restoration is FUT and NeoGraft. Both methods are nearly pain-free, requiring only local sedation with minimal downtime. Patients will experience the most advanced care from our highly trained and experienced staff. Dr. Finger and the team have an advanced understanding of the artistry involved to recreate a natural hair-line, so you can rest assured knowing the most precise extraction and placement techniques will be applied during your procedure. After hair loss treatment, our patients report not only a thicker hair-line but also a renewed self-confidence!

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New Youth Skin Care

View our product demonstration with Anna B. VanWinkle, Medical Esthetician. She specializes in Anti-aging Skin Care Treatments with the application of New Youth’s exclusive line of skin treatment and professional skin care products. TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT ANNA CLICK HERE