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PRP Therapy for Hair Loss

Our qualified Team at New Youth Medical Spa offers PRP Therapy to harness the power of growth factors found within our own blood. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) can promote hair growth when follicles are weak due to hormones, stress, chemical treatments, or tight hairstyles and weaves. In some cases PRP can also help slow down genetic hair loss and help to regrow newly grafted hair after a hair transplant. PRP Therapy does not require any social downtime and has no known side effects. Dr. Finger was one of the first physicians in Savannah to offer non-surgical Hair Restoration with PRP and he was the the 1st Neograft Hair Restoration Provider in Savannah, Ga over a decade ago.

What to expect

A small amount of the patient’s blood is extracted (blood draw at our office)  Then the PRP is separated from the rest of the blood via a centrifuge. We can separate the platelet rich plasma from the rest of the blood with a effective system called a centrifuge. After the Platelet Rich Plasma (which contains many growth factors) is extracted and the scalp is numbed, the PRP is injected into the areas where hair thinning has occurred. 

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Microneedling is ideal for all skin tones

Why you should consider Platelet Rich Plasma to help regrow your hair

PRP Therapy can promote hair growth as long as follicles are present. If the follicles are damaged or simply weak this treatment can improve hair loss dramatically.

3 Treatments spaced a 4-6 weeks apart is the recommended protocol when the procedure is not coupled with a hair transplant. (Unless otherwise ordered by Dr. E. Ronald Finger)

Platelet Rich Plasma Treatments for Hair loss is often combined with FUT/FUE Hair Transplantation and has shown to be an effective tool to improve the graft survival rate, therefore producing better results.  For the past decade, Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy has proven effective as a stand-alone Hair Loss treatment for men and women with specific types of hair loss.

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