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New Youth Medical Spa & Laser Center

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by Mary on New Youth Medical Spa & Laser Center

Everyone here is so pleasant. Great atmosphere. Staff are knowledgeable and helpful. So glad I found Dr. Finger and Anna.

by Anonymous on New Youth Medical Spa & Laser Center

Dr. Fingers’ nurse performs this procedure. It’s painless and even is quite relaxing. It takes bout an hour to an hour & one-half. I had a series of three about a month apart. I am 52 in relatively good shape and health. After this procedure my incontinence I have had for years is gone. I can laugh, sneeze & exercise without worry anymore. No more irritating pads to wear! The bonus…the inside of my vagina has tightened(says my husband) and the outside looks so much more youthful. The outside appearance was dramatically different even after the first treatment & just got better after the next two treatments! Would tell any woman it is worth every penny, & don’t hesitate to have it done. Life changing for me!

by Brenda Graham on New Youth Medical Spa & Laser Center
Love this office!

I love this office. Just had a procedure and had the recheck.It, looks wonderful. Dr. Finger is pure magic.His suggestions are always perfect. The staff there always friendly and smiling. I love just going makes you feel very special like we’re all one Dr.finger will answer all your questions with excellent answers.,If he can’t tell his wife, Cheryl can with a smile.If you have never visited this office, please do so .you go back. 

by Anonymous on New Youth Medical Spa & Laser Center
Dr. Finger did an awesome job!

I had lipo on my stomach, currently I am 7 weeks post-op, and I can truly say that Dr.Finger done an AWESOME job, hands down if I had to do it all over again I’d choose him, his whole staff is Awesome and very knowledgeable they make you feel so at ease from beginning to end, it’s nothing like the horror stories you read on the computer

I took vacation because of all the stories I read but really I could have went back to work in 3 day’s, the first 48 hrs I was really sore but it get’s better each day. Dr. Finger is the perfectionist which means he’s going to give you his all, don’t take my word for it just schedule your consult and you will see for yourself.Ty Dr. Finger I look forward to seeing you soon.

by Anonymous on New Youth Medical Spa & Laser Center
Professional service!

I am blonde and blue eyed with a great deal of sun damage! Dr. Finger and Anna have both been very approachable. Anna started me on his skin care line, and it is absolutely amazing !! Dr. Finger even “worked me in” on my very first visit for a quick treatment. Also, his office staff is extremely professional and friendly. They are always happy to see their patients. I look forward to continuing my relationship with Dr. Finger and his practice !!

by Anonymous on New Youth Medical Spa & Laser Center
Anna is wonderful!

Ever since I have been coming to Finger and Associates/New Youth Medical Spa, I have seen results that have surpassed my expectations. Thank you to Anna for your services and recommendations.

by Dino Stokes on New Youth Medical Spa & Laser Center
Wonderful Doctor

Dr. Finger and staff are OUTSTANDING!! His work is number one! I am very happy with my results and the entire process of the procedure. It was well worth the 4-hour drive to get the best. Dr. Finger’s wife is extremely personable, and the entire staff is so great to be around. They are very thorough and precise for the actual procedure which is essential to procedures as they perform. I was reluctant about a few things, but they persisted, and I am glad they did, or it could have been negative for myself. I would definitely not want to even chance another doctor. I read many, many reviews on different doctors and I was happy to find one within driving distance that had such great reviews. I don’t recall reading any negative reviews for this doctor or his staff. If you are like me and are reading reviews, I can assure you that you won’t find many doctors with his qualifications, experience, and friendly staff at an affordable price. Search no more and give them a visit. They will welcome you and make you feel like you are the VIP that day. Dino Stokes.

by Anonymous on New Youth Medical Spa & Laser Center
Thanks to Dr. Finger and Anna!

I  have been a client of Finger and Associates since they opened the Savannah office. I see Anna Winkle regularly for various skin treatments to improve and maintain the health of my skin. I also use several of the New Youth products. I enjoy my visits and recommend their services!

by Anonymous on New Youth Medical Spa & Laser Center
Nice group of people!

Dr. Finger and all his associates have been wonderful. My experience was good, and I am hopefully up for more shortly. Everything went smooth, and I am very pleased with my results. I had the eyelid lift and now you know I have green eyes and can see 100% better. Thanks to a great group of people.

by Bekah on New Youth Medical Spa & Laser Center
Excellent Doctor

I’m new to town, so I asked my nurse pals who the best skin doctor was – the resounding response was Dr. Finger. I was originally asking about dermatologist so surprised to be recommended a plastic surgeon for help with persistent acne. On my first appointment, Dr. Finger help created an anti-aging plan since I’m about-about to hit the ‘late 30s’ and interested in injections for wrinkle reduction. He made my first experience painless, and my eyes already look younger. Afterward, Dr. Winkle educated me on their office’s tools for acne, giving me a mini demonstration and I feel confident in the plans she has for my acne and acne scars. They have cutting edge technology in scar reduction – I’m excited to see the results. I was more than impressed as a new patient. The front desk staff was professional and of course – they all have amazing skin, that says something in itself!

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