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Tetra CO2 &
CoolPeel™ Laser

Erase wrinkles, dark spots, & acne
scars with minimal downtime


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Microneedling with PRP

Aqua Facial

The Best Aqua Delivery System Ever!

Cleanse. Exfoliate. Hydrate. Brighten.

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Top Facial treatments include Pixel8 Microneedling RF


Microneedling RF

Achieve tighter, more beautiful
skin without downtime

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Treat Cellulite with a single treatment
FDA Cleared to last up to 3 years!

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Hair Growth

Thicken your mane with
Platelet-Rich Plasma

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Revolutionary Skin Tightening
for Face & Body

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Pain Free Laser Hair Removal

Motus AY

Pain-Free Laser Hair
Removal for all skin tones

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SkinWave Hydra Facial

Rejuvenating Your Skin is just One Skinwave Facial Away

The team at New Youth Medicals Spa is excited to offer yet another technology to maintain beautiful youthful-looking skin. The Treatment is now offered by Tiffany Smith, our licenesed esthetician. Skinwave Hydrogen Facial is a revolutionary skin treatment that features the most advanced water-based facial that is guaranteed to give you a glowing, hydrated complexion.
Skinwave for skin rejuvenation at any age is the most advanced medical-grade exfoliating, hydrating, anti-aging, non-invasive skin system available on the aesthetics market today. We can now remove impurities while nourishing the skin with nutrients that will leave your skin cleansed, hydrated, and refreshed. Healthy Skin is Beautiful Skin.

How Does SkinWave Make Your Skin More Healthy?

Over time oxygen can dry out our skin, causing it to age faster and develop wrinkles. The Skinwave system hydrates your skin and combats the signs of aging. This treatment uses a highly concentrated hydrogen water module. When the hydrogen molecules penetrate your pores, they bond with the oxygen present in your skin cells. This bonding creates new water molecules that are later extracted using radial tips. By removing these newly bonded water molecules our estheticians can gently extract impurities and release the active oxygen which causes the skin to age.

How Does SkinWave Make Your Skin More Healthy?
5 Steps To Beautiful Glowing Skin

5 Steps To Beautiful Glowing Skin

  • Step 1. Deep Cleanse
  • Step 2. Detoxify
  • Step 3. Hydrate
  • Step 4. Plump
  • Step 5. Massage

Skinwave begins with pulses of electricity on your skin. These pulses open your pores so your skin can absorb the hydrogen molecules and customized nutrients applied during your treatment. The second step uses three hydrogen-based solutions that contain various antioxidants to revitalize your skin. Applied after the AHA, the hyaluronic acid solution helps reduce inflammation and locks in moisture to hydrate the skin leaving your skin feeling smooth, plumped, and moisturized. Last, you will receive a facial massage using contouring rollers. With massaging motions, the rollers will relax the facial muscles and assist with lymphatic drainage.

The entire treatment takes 30 minutes or less. During your initial consultation, our esthetician Tiffany Smith will assess your specific skin needs, discuss your skin goals, and determine the nutrient solution needed along with the concentration of the solution perfect for you.

Skinwave can also be performed to prepare the skin for Pixel 8 Microneedling RF and/or Coolpeel™ Laser Treatment. For the perfect glow combine all three treatments (learn if you are a candidate).

Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) – This solution peels and brightens skin without causing irritation

Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) – This solution deeply cleanses the pores, and helps manage oily skin conditions.

Hyaluronic Acid – This solution helps to retain moisture, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, plumps the skin, soothes redness, and dermatitis.
Benefits of the Skinwave Treatment

  • Brightens Skin
  • Tightens Skin
  • Improves Lymphatic Circulation
  • Exfoliates
  • Hydrates
  • Clears Acne Breakouts
  • Reduces Redness & dermatitis
  • No Downtime
Rejuvenating Your Skin is just One Skinwave Facial Away

Treat your skin to the latest most effective Aqua-Delivery System, and multifaceted skin rejuvenating treatment delivered byCartessa Aesthetics, the#1 Aesthetics Equipment provider in the USA.

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