11 Ways to Prevent Hair Loss


1. HRT

It is worth noting that HRT, which uses the same hormones, can have the same effect, but are only given to women who haven’t had a hysterectomy. This type of hair thinning can be partially reversed with the correct treatment, and taking the right type of contraceptive pill is very important to the prognosis.

 2. Scalp Health

Ensure ...

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My new book, Why Grow Old, now available!

E. Ronald Finger, MD has finally placed his experience, research and knowledge of both plastic surgery and anti-aging between two covers, a six year effort. The name of the book is Why Grow Old, published in 2010. It can be purchased at the New Youth Medical Spa in Savannah, GA, or online.

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Why should you read this book?

This is a scientific ...

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