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Why should you read this book? This is a scientific health book for the non-scientist, non-physician.  This is not a diet book, but is a comprehensive book on why we grow old from our cells to our bodies as a whole, and how we can thwart and even reverse the aging process. It is a guide to nutrition, supplements, hormones, skin care, exercise and plastic surgery toward feeling and looking your best. Discussed are many important aging processes that are related to how we live and our habits that most people have never read about or heard of.

Anti aging subjects discussed in this book:

  • Causes of aging on a molecular level
  • How to turn back the clock
  • Effects of poor nutrition and bad habits on health and appearance
  • Anti-aging supplements and foods
  • How to grocery shop for health
  • Skin and how to keep it youthful forever
  • A hormone guide for both men and women
  • Exercise—how and why
  • Plastic surgery—a thorough discussion of all procedures, both surgical and non-surgical and information to help assure your best results.

Chapter Titles

  1. Causes of Aging
  2. Nutrition and Supplements
  3. Hormones and Aging
  4. Aging and Your skin
  5. Exercise—How and Why
  6. Plastic Surgery: a comprehensive review of both surgical and non-surgical proceduresAppendix 1: Choosing effective nutrient supplements
    Appendix 2: Whole for sources for each nutrient and the nutrient’s function
    Appendix 3: Now to grocery shop for optimum health

Who is Dr. Finger?

Dr. E. Ronald Finger is a plastic surgeon in Savannah, GA.  He was born in Marion, South Carolina and is a graduate of Emory University, Atlanta, GA. and Medical College of South Carolina in Charleston. After an internship at Grady Memorial Hospital, he completed his general surgery residence at Tampa General Hospital and his plastic surgery residency at Wilford Hall Medical Center, Lackland AFB while in the USAF. In 1973 he was discharged as a Lt. Colonel, became certified by the American board of Plastic Surgery, married his present wife, Cheryl, and moved to Savannah, GA. Shortly thereafter, he opened the first outpatient plastic surgery center in Georgia and became well known, nationally and internationally, for his plastic surgery. Dr. Finger then opened the first medical spa in the coastal area in 1998 and developed the New Youth Skin Treatment System, a cosmeceutical line designed to make your skin look like a child’s.  New Youth products are sold nationally and abroad.

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What are people saying?

I picked up your book, Why Grow Old,” over the weekend and could not put it down as I am totally of the belief that we can age without growing old. I have been practicing ant-aging for many years. I find it fascinating to learn about and read all that I can to stay up on the latest findings. I found your book very enlightening and comprehensive. It covers all areas and in great detail. This an invaluable tool for anyone on the path to slowing down the aging process and getting and staying healthy. I found it easy to read and understandable, I finished it today. Thank you so much for taking the time and energy you invested in this magnificent book.


Educational, informative and as Dr. Finger says, “Good health is beautiful.” A must read for everyone concerned with their health and well being.

Barbara A.

I found Dr. Finger’s book interesting and understandable from a lay persons view. With his book as my guide, I have developed a health improvement plan I am confident will help me maintain a high quality of life for many years to come.

Henry H., Retired VP
Age 77

It is so informative and interesting. I especially enjoyed reading about how to eat right and to execise and how to protect yourself from sun damage and how to take care of your skin. It is always important to get a reminder of how to do things right. We may know how, but we become lazy or forget. There is so much information in the book that you can’t remember it all, but it is a great book to keep coming back to for looking things up. I know I will.

Kerstin Clark
Savannah, GA

Why Grow Old — The Antiaging Bible is a must read for anyone looking to understand their maturing bodies as well as to embrace gracefully the undeniable aging process. Dr. Ronald Finger has devoted decades of his practice to sharing practical ways to increase longevity internally as well as physical. As a Professional Librarian, Self-Help books are always some of my favorites to include in a collection, and naturally I stumbled across this book in a local health food store. The Feel Good Bible is easy to read, is full of technical and medical information that is easy to absorb (unlike the China Study), and gives you a practical shopping list of vitamins and food that can be incorporated into anyone’s diet. You can tell from reading this that Dr. Finger’s goal is to educate his readers how to be informed and responsible users of plastic surgery as well as the aging process. I loved this book so much I shared it with my fellow triathletes in a local gym—and the response to his book was overwhelmingly positive! AWESOME! Thank you, Dr. Finger for sharing this 40 something how to grow old gracefully.

Jennifer J.
Atlantic City, NJ

Why Grow Old? The Antiaging Bible Feel Good, Look Good Bible is a great reference manual to have on my shelf, just wish I had discovered it in my 30’s (now I am 52)~ Following the appendix and sharing with my 20 something year old children~

John L.
Marmora, NJ

Why Grow Old — The Antiaging Bible by Dr. E. Ronald Finger, is fascinating to me as a woman who always “thinks” of plastic surgery but is fearful. His gentle explanation of procedures, takes away the misconceptions, etc. and provides me with practical information that I can “arm” myself with before any procedure is considered. Thank you!

Cheryl W.
Petersburg, NJ

I keep Why Grow Old? The Antiaging Feel Good, Look Good Bible written by Dr. Finger in my kitchen! I refer to it when I need to refresh my memory about vitamins, what I should place on my grocery shopping list, and just for all-around excellent advice on how to improve my longevity. The book is very easy to understand, and is not written like a medical textbook. Thank you Dr. Finger for taking all the time to write this book. I don’t know how Baby Boombers could live without this book!

Robin B

“Why Grow Old” explains exactly what to do to improve your health and stay looking as young as possible. I was so happy to find out that Dr. Finger had written this book for I had so many questions to ask him. To back tract a little, I found Dr. Finger several years ago after my search for an excellent plastic surgeon for my face lift. It took a good 20 years away. Wow! Was I happy! Dr. Finger has had a keen interest in anti-aging since I met him years ago, so who is better to write a book on the subject?

One of the most interesting parts of the book is the story about the creation of Dr. Finger’s New Youth Skin Treatment System, a most effective skin care product that I am almost religious about using. These products repair and rejuvenate the skin. The products, when used every morning and evening, penetrate the skin and create new fresh looking skin. My friends ask how I got my skin to look like that. Well, it’s the New Youth. The book describes breakthroughs in skin improvement, plus the many choices available, plus chapters on aging and how to prevent or slow it down. There is also a section on plastic surgery including both surgical and non-surgical treatments.

There is so much to learn in “Why Grow Old,” which is a treasury of health resources, such as what foods to eat, supplements to take and where to get them–everything you need to know to make a plan to improve your health and appearance.

The material is simple and easy to understand. The medical information is made clear and understandable for the lay person.
Arlene S., New York